Vintage Women's Levi's

Vintage Women's Levi's



A fan of double denim? Levi’s is the brand for you. Renowned for its denim collection, Levi’s specialises in jackets, jeans and shorts, offering looks all year round. As well as items from their sweatshirt and t-shirt range, the Thrifted collection has a variety of the classic vintage denim items. Expand your denim collection today at Europe’s favourite online vintage clothing store.


A bit of history… So globally appreciated for their denim jeans, the bottoms need no description and are universally referred to simply as ‘Levi’s’. Founded by Levi Strauss and his two brothers in 1853, the Bavarian immigrants initially sold trousers, made of tent canvas, to miners, recognising a need for durable clothing. Already hugely popular in San Francisco, the substitution for denim and metal rivets only increased the support for Levi’s produce and from almost exclusively supplying American cowboys, the jeans became admired worldwide. Introducing the famous red tab in 1936, Levi’s has always set itself apart from other denim manufacturers, contrasting against the classic blue with the vibrant colour as a statement of standing out from the sea of blue in the markets. Although the 90s saw competition rise significantly, Levi’s has remained the most popular global jeans manufacturer throughout the decades and continues to lead the denim industry.


Initially promoting their lines with posters illustrating cowboys and jukeboxes, Levi’s 90s campaigns featured a far more comical edge with the ‘Creek’ advert, for example, juxtaposing a traditional American family, complete with bonnets and horse and carriage, with the highly sexual shots of a man bathing in a creek. Further promoting their denim with figures such as Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, Levi’s sold a rugged sexual appeal amongst the red tabs and copper rivets.


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Vintage Levis lines: Levis 501, Levis 505.


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