Vintage Women's Kappa

Vintage Women's Kappa



Bright colours and ticker tape, Kappa is the epitome of Italian sportswear. Largely, our Kappa collection consists of 1990s sportswear, including vintage tracksuits, vintage t-shirts and vintage jackets. Often featuring the familiar ‘Omini’ logo, Kappa items offer a retro vintage look. Take a look at Europe’s favourite online vintage clothing store.


A bit of history… The Italian sportswear brand was founded in 1916 as a sock company, becoming Kappa in 1967. With humble beginnings in Turin, Piedmont, Italy, Abromo Vital established a ‘K-Kontrol’ to guarantee the quality of his products, stamping a ‘K’ on each item; the beginning of a rise to the modern name. In 1968, the design for the well-known ‘Omini’ logo was born during a swimwear photoshoot where a man and woman were sat back-to-back, an image that is now replicated on all Kappa products. Since then, the brand has had a huge impact on professional and casual sportswear, having designed Olympic uniforms and sponsored teams from football to sailing.


From Sporty Spice to Vicky Pollard, Kappa offers something for everyone. Taking part in the popular athleisure movement, it wasn’t just athletes that sported the brand. The Kappa tracksuit crossed over from a football uniform to a fashion statement, with figures including Damon Albarn and Rihanna adopting the ticker tape.


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Vintage Kappa lines: Robe di kappa, kappa football.


What are they known for: Vintage tracksuits, vintage football shirts, vintage sports wear, vintage t-shirts, vintage jackets.


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