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Often adorned with the famous diamond logo, Umbro items offer a familiar streetwear look complete with recognisable sportswear pieces, including vintage tracksuits, vintage t-shirts and vintage sweatshirts. Take a look at Europe’s favourite online vintage clothing store.


A bit of history… The British sportwear manufacturer was established in 1924 by brothers Harold and Wallace Humphreys in a small workshop in Cheshire. Recognising the growing interest in football globally, the two began designing kit for the sport, debuted at the 1934 FA Cup final when both Manchester City and Portsmouth wore the brand. Becoming the official manufacturer for the tournament, Umbro dominated English football and swiftly was called upon to design the British Olympic kit, specifically tailoring each item for the relative sports, and the kits of the 1958 FIFA World Cup winners, Brazil. Football shirts were not only athletic uniforms, but became hugely fashionable in the 90s, worn by individuals as a sign of support for their teams, but equally to achieve a retro athleisure look.


Notably, the Gallaghers were huge fans of Umbro, sporting its football shirts, sweatshirts and track jackets underneath the typical parka coat. Campaigns were predominantly lead by endorsement from various teams and athletes, but Umbro was, and still is, a go to for festivals and concerts as well as matches.


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What are they known for: Vintage sports wear, vintage tracksuits, vintage sweatshirts, vintage t-shirts, vintage hoodies.


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