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Bright colours to double denim, Gap has tried it all. The Thrifted Gap collection creates outfits from top to bottom, with vintage tops, shirts and trousers in the classic colours that defined their 90s range. Take a look at this vibrant collection at Europe’s favourite online vintage clothing store.


A bit of history… So the story goes… Donald and Doris Fisher were struggling to find a pair of jeans that fit properly and so, as a result, the couple raised the funds to open the The Gap store in San Francisco on the 21st August 1969, filling the ‘gap’ in the market. Having toyed with the idea of calling the store ‘Pants and Discs’, Gap sold only LP records and Levi’s apparel in the early years, targeting teen customers very successfully. By 1973, the Fisher’s had stores in over 25 locations, beginning to sell private-label merchandise in 1974. The 90s saw the brand have a redecoration of sorts, moving away from the bright colours, Gap began to sell a lifestyle complete with a modern aesthetic. Clean cut minimalism defined the Gap range, with advertisements displaying large groups in near identical outfits, or black and white profile shots, as seen in the 1988 ‘individuals of Style’ campaign.


‘Individuals of Style’ presented a diverse group of cultural figures, such as Whoopi Goldberg or Spike Lee, in monochrome shots, reintroducing the brand as a sophisticated label, specialising in the basic fashion. Following this, the 1993 ‘Who Wore Khakis’ campaign had a similar style, featuring the familiar black and white images, but this time with historical figures. Gap’s advertising highlighted the transition into the 90s, redefining itself as a brand that championed progressive politics, human interaction and classic style.


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What are they known for: Vintage sweatshirts, vintage hoodies, vintage t-shirts.


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