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If it’s not bold, it’s not Moschino. The items in our Moschino collection emphasise the brand’s love of big patterns, bold colours and funky fashion statements, featuring vintage skirts to vintage t-shirts as well as jeans, blazers and jackets amongst other items. Don’t let your wardrobe get to mundane, add a splash of colour with Europe’s favourite online vintage clothing store.


A bit of history… This Italian fashion house was established in 1983 by Franco Moschino, specialising in luxury leather and high-quality apparel. Leaving Versace, Moschino began his own line that advocated eccentricity and explosive colours and designs. Since then Moschino has grown to include three labels, ‘Moschino Cheap and Chic’, ‘Love Moschino’ and ‘Moschino Jeans’, promoting clothing, accessories and fragrance lines. Always setting itself apart from the other Italian brands, Moschino is a contrast to the traditional seriousness of high fashion, offering a light-hearted and entertaining outlook on fashion. It’s humour, extensive colour palette and provoking attitude embodies what it is to be fashionable; it sets trends rather than following them.


Designing outfits for figures including Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga and Madonna, Moschino’s ambassadors highlight the unconventional ethos of the brand, championing bright colours and bold pieces that make people double take. Moreover, the Moschino campaigns, particularly those run by Moschino himself, were celebrated worldwide. Not only for their styling, but for their social awareness, featuring triggering captions and thought-provoking images.


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What are they known for: Vintage shirts, vintage statement pieces, vintage graphics, vintage two pieces, vintage trousers.


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