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That unmistakable upper-case logo cannot be ignored, Hugo Boss items are hugely varied between the vintage lairy look and the modern sharp aesthetic. Be it monochrome or multicolour, Thrifted’s Boss collections aims for variation and quality. Take a look at Europe’s favourite online vintage clothing store.


A bit of history… The German fashion house was founded in 1924 by Hugo Boss, initially producing purpose-made clothing. Its early and uncomfortable past, having had Nazi sympathies and created WWII uniforms, came to an end upon the death of Boss in 1948. Since then, the brand has turned its focus towards luxury fashion, beginning with men’s suits before releasing fragrances (1984), a women’s collection (2000) and even a children’s line (2006). In 1993, the collection divided into separate ranges, HUGO and BOSS as well as BALDESSARINI, with HUGO offering a more classic style as opposed to BOSS, creating more modern, progressive line.


Hugp Boss has been associated with athletes for decades, sponsoring Formula One driver Niki Lauda and golfer Bernherd Langer as well as various cups and teams, including the McLaren Racing team. Today with figures such as Gerard Butler and Chris Hemsworth plugging their brand as well as Eddie Redmayne and Nicolas Cage wearing suits on the red carpet, Hugo boss continues to maintain its refined reputation.


Take a throwback to your childhood with today.


Vintage Hugo Boss lines: Boss athleisure, boss business wear, boss casual wear, boss orange, boss green.


What are they known for: Vintage designer, vintage shirts, vintage evening wear, vintage luxury.


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