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Big, bold and colourful - our Benetton range is just this. Vintage technicolour jumpers with busy patterns and retro tops featuring stripes pointing in all directions, this brand is everything but simple. Take a look at this vibrant collection at Europe’s favourite online vintage clothing store.


A bit of history… In 1965, four siblings, Luciano, Carlo, Gilberto and Guiliana Benetton, launched one of the boldest brands of the 20th century in a small village near Venice. With the rising reputation of their signature multicolour wool jumpers, they opened a shop in Paris three years later and never looked back. Reaching the pinnacle of their popularity in the 80s, fuelled by a number of daring adverts, Benetton gained a reputation for being bold both in its fashion and ethos. Hiring Oliviero Toscani as creative director led to ad campaigns that sought to raise awareness for worldwide issues and the refocusing of the group to become the ‘United Colours of Benetton’, featuring the first multiracial advert for the brand in 1984. Since then the brand has continued to encourage such movements and promotes such sympathies with its rainbow reputation.


As well as celebrity endorsement, Benetton’s central campaigns have promoted both the brand and issues of importance. For example, the more recent Unhate campaign of 2011 sought to encourage world communication with a series of posters featuring world leaders kissing each other. A multicoloured and multipurposed brand, Benetton is definitely one for the wardrobe.


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What are they known for: vintage sweatshirts, graphic designs, vintage knitted jumpers, vintage ready to wear, vintage striped tops.


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