Vintage Women's FILA

Vintage Women's FILA



Predominantly, our Fila collection consists of 1990s sportswear, including vintage track jackets, vintage t-shirts and vintage joggers in the famous red, white and blue colour scheme. Often featuring the familiar ‘F-Box’ logo, Fila items offer a casual retro look. Take a look at Europe’s favourite online vintage clothing store.


A bit of history…


Fila is an Italian line specialising in sportswear, founded in 1911 by Giansevero Fila in the northern town of Biella. The brand began producing sports apparel in 1972, creating a line that was comfortable, high quality and complemented athletes, adorned with the iconic ‘F-Box’ pop art-style logo or the split-‘F’ spell out. Notably, Björn Borg was the first athlete to wear Fila in a 1978 Wimbledon match against John McEnroe, who was wearing Sergio Tacchini; a rival in rival clothing. The brand’s basketball debut in the 90s, when a small group of NBA players wore Fila sneaker on the courts, brought the brand into the hip-hop athleisure culture, swiftly seeing figures such as Nelly and Tupac sporting the label. Today, football nostalgia looks back on Fila fashion, while the brand itself looks towards collaborations and projects, such as their line alongside Fendi, creating a high-end sportswear collection.


Fila’s simple but stand out designs made them a preferred brand for athletes and they courted Grant Hill as their own 90s basketball star, taking inspiration from the Nike collaboration with Michael Jordan, with Jerry Stackhouse featuring in one of their most iconic advertisements: ‘Fila-delphia.’ However, Fila also became a favourite for hip-hop artists, with their popularity boosted by rap groups such as the ‘Fila Fresh Crew’ and personalities, including Tupac sporting the Grant Hill sneaker and Snoop Dogg wearing his very own track jacket.


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