Vintage Men's Aquascutum

Vintage Men's Aquascutum



One of our favourites for outerwear, vintage Aquascutum coats are timeless. Find them at Europe’s favourite online vintage clothing store.


A bit of history… Aquascutum’s roots rest in Mayfair, initially beginning as a tailors, set up by John Emary, in 1851. Maintaining that ‘fine craftsmanship and innovation’ lie at the heart of the brand, Aquascutum has continued to create and establish fine British fashion for over 150 years. The name, literally meaning ‘water shield’, derives from Emary’s patenting the first waterproof wool used by the British army during the Crimean war. Since then, the brand has specialised in outerwear for both men and women, developing the iconic WW1 and II trench coat in 1914 and a fabric that was to be used by Everest climber, Edmund Hilary.


A brand that has adorned royalty, prime ministers and suffragettes, Aquascutum has followed British history throughout the years and continues celebrates its traditional fashion pieces. Seeing popular celebrities in film and fashion, including Cary Grant, Damian Lewis and Jamie Dornan, in more recent years, these items will achieve that vintage British country look every day of the week.


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What they are known for: trench coats, house check shirts, scarfs, tailoring & terrace wear.


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