Vintage Women's Ralph Lauren

Vintage Women's Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren


One of our most popular brands, Thrifted’s Ralph Lauren collection is a varied one, featuring items from vintage jumpers and sweatshirts to vintage shirts and jackets in all colours. Often displaying the recognisable polo player logo, Ralph Lauren items have a classic style and pair well with other traditionally preppy brands as well as suppliers of denim, sportswear and worker gear. Peruse our webpages at Europe’s favourite online vintage clothing store.


A bit of history… In 1967, the 28-year-old Ralph Lauren began his career by making ties for Beau Brummel. Convincing the president to allow him to launch his own line of menswear, Polo by Ralph Lauren, by 1969 Bloomingdales stocked his line and gave him the first ever in-store shop. The polo player logo was introduced on the cuff of women’s shirts in 1971, a year before the full women’s collection debuted alongside the creation of the familiar polo shirt, based on Lacoste’s design and released in multiple colours with the logo embroidered on the chest. Since then, Ralph Lauren has released fragrances, opened restaurants and created further brands under the Polo umbrella, becoming one of the most well-worn and loved brands of the past fifty years.


Beloved by hip-hop to high-class, Ralph Lauren and its famous motifs, including the bear and the flag, dominates new, vintage and sporting fashion industries, Not only consumers, it was also sported by the male cast in The Great Gatsby in 1974, memorably designing a pink suit for Robert Redford. Moreover, his designs were featured in films including and The Wolf of Wall Street as well as now officially outfitting Wimbledon and the U.S. Olympic team.


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