Vintage Men's Lacoste

Vintage Men's Lacoste



Our wide-ranging Lacoste collection features a variety of vintage products from the respected sportswear brand, including the classic jumpers and polo shirts with the familiar crocodile logo. Find yours at Europe’s favourite online vintage clothing store.


A bit of history… The French sportwear company was founded in 1933 by tennis player, René Lacoste, nicknamed ‘the Crocodile’ due to his ferocity on court and towards his opponents. Originally releasing of La Chemise Lacoste, the famous tennis shirt, André Gillier began designing the iconic tennis gear that Lacoste wore on the court, with a crocodile embroidered on his chest. In 1952, the brand moved to the US and soon became a household name, renowned for its preppy style, featuring in the Official Preppy Handbook of 1980. The unisex polo shirts combined with a bucket hat was a look that took off in the 90s, uniting the tailored traditional style with casual sportswear and denim made Lacoste accessible to all; a brand that ticked all the boxes.


From James Bond to Novak Djokovic, Lacoste has and can be worn by all. Be it preppy or hip-hop, Lacoste was adapted to fit various styles, matched with tracksuits and chinos. Notably, the brand has collaborated with Supreme to create a line that combines tradition with a modern urban aesthetic, producing baseball jackets to clean cut sweatshirts.


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Vintage Lacoste lines: Izod Lacoste.


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