Vintage Women's Champion Sweatshirts

Vintage Women's Champion Sweatshirts

Vintage women’s Champion sweatshirts – shop classic sweatshirt style from Champion in our women’s collection of vintage small & big logo Champion sweatshirts.

We source the best quality 1990s & 2000s Champion sweatshirts. These come in all colours – so pick your favourites, then mix & match with all your outfits. 

Top brands: Vintage women’s Champion only. 

Vintage clothing styles / categories: pastel colours, small logo (‘C’ Point), big spell out embroidered logos, reverse weave stitching and cuff only logo. 

Fits & how to wear: coming in all colours mix & match with outfits to get your colour co-ordination on point! 

Eras: 1980s, 1990s & 2000s.

Countries of origin: UK, USA & Europe.


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