Vintage Men's Suede Jackets

Vintage Suede Jackets – the 1980s style classic from both sides of the Atlantic.

Shop a vintage clothing store essential. In soft tan, beige & browns – suede jackets are a versatile lighter jacket. As an older style the jackets tend to be older, meaning most are made in Italy. This means the highest quality in leather & suede workmanship.

Top brands:  mostly unbranded.

Vintage clothing styles / categories: there are 2 main styles. The 80s suede bomber style and the 90s blazer suede jacket.

Fits & how to wear: 80s Italian suede should really be worn with a pair of aviators outside a Paninoteca on a Milan street corner. If you don’t live in Milan though, a pair of 80s stone wash jeans & a check shirt might work.

Eras: 1980s & 1990s.

Countries of origin: Italy, USA.


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