Vintage Men's Columbia

Vintage Men's Columbia



Columbia, or otherwise known as the Columbia Sportswear Company, specialises in outerwear and sportswear. Thrifted’s selection of items branches from fleeces to shirts that offer both comfort and style, the must-have for the wardrobe. Take a look at Europe’s favourite online vintage clothing store.


A bit of history… Fleeing Germany in 1938, the Lamfrom family settled in Portland and purchased a small hat manufacturer, naming it the Columbia Hat Company after the famous river. Remaining within the family, the business was passed from Paul Lamfrom to his son-in-law, Neal, before being handed to his widowed daughter. With Gert, the self-proclaimed ‘Tough Mother’, still leading as president, her sons and her have driven Columbia to huge success, creating ‘innovative’ and ‘no-nonsense’ outdoor gear for decades. Now an international company with leading lines in snow sports, footwear and camping equipment to name a few, as well as a significant influence within the vintage markets.


Athleisure is a hugely popular trend that has permeated the fashion industry for years. Those sporting Columbia’s own contributions to the movement include figures such as Kristen Bell, Sandra Bullock and Bella Hadid, with Zac and Dylan Efron becoming the stars of its content series.


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What are they known for: Vintage fleeces, vintage waterproofs, vintage outwear, vintage sweatshirts.


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