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Started out of the basement of a Bristol student house in 2015, has come a long way since its simple beginnings as a University sideline business. Starting with 20 shell jackets, a cellar wall, an old iphone, a Depop account and with no expertise at all, the company somehow managed to grow. Now based in Essex with 15,000 items in stock in its 3,000 sq ft warehouse complete with photo studio and 5-person team, the company sells worldwide on its own website and as a top 10 ASOS seller. As well as recently opening a shop on the Brick Lane Vintage Market in London. 


The mission ? Yep its changed … no longer is it just there to pay for that student night out! We believe in bringing change to the fashion industry. We believe in circular fashion; as a way to combat the damage fast fashion is having on the world. We want our clothes to have three or more lives before they are recycled. We believe the wardrobes of the future will be made up of both - new sustainable clothing and the best in vintage fashion.


Where do we get our stuff? We have contacts across the world, with suppliers in Asia, the Americas and Europe who help us source vintage that is as on trend as it was back when it was first made. We hand select all our stock to ensure it is of a high quality – no more mothballed, back of cupboard, heavy knit vintage. (For more on how we hand select see our Quality Promise page).


What happens to all your items before they sell? Once items arrive at our Essex warehouse they are fully laundered meaning they are washed, cleaned and dried. They are then sorted based on quality and style, with all our best stock heading to We shoot all our stock on models every week, shooting girl’s stock every Thursday and men’s stock every Friday. We believe using models is the best way for our customers to get a feel of style & fit before they purchase. The week after photography, all the photographed items are then uploaded to our platforms – dropping onto our sites everyday of the week! 


 Where do we sell? We sell both online & in-store! The online platforms we sell on include: our own site -, our men's & women's boutiques on ASOS Marketplace:

Men's: ; Women's:

and Depop!

Our only store location currently is on the Brick Lane Vintage Market - for it's location:


Where do we see our business going? We see circular fashion growing exponentially as more and more consumers realise that wearing something for just a weekend is not sustainable. We see ourselves leading that change as Europe’s top vintage store – online and with a chain of high street shops.


Founder – Jonny, comments :

“We are at a pivotal moment in fashion where sustainability is about to go mainstream, the fast fashion model is hurting right now and I think consumers are already geared for a change – just look at the explosive success of apps like Depop. I believe what we have at as a fashion led vintage store with the systems & capability of operating at scale, is something really exciting. I see us as the company to lead the charge against fast fashion,  breaking down the status quo to such a point that on trend vintage, reworked vintage and new sustainable clothing will all be sold alongside each other in equal measure, not just in our stores but across the high street.”


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