Vintage T-Shirts

Vintage T-Shirts

Vintage t-shirts – shop the most unique category in vintage clothing.

We source a wide range of branded, graphic & collectable t-shirts from around the globe. Be unique with a weird print t-shirt, show your band loyalty with a collectable music t-shirt or just find that hard wearing cotton fit t-shirt that can be worn under anything.

Top brands: Nascar, Harley Davidson, Carhartt, Nike, Adidas & Ralph Lauren.

What kind of t-shirts can I find here? 

All sorts, we stock everything from wardrobe staples like plain Ralph Lauren block colour t-shirts, to weird and wonderful handpicked 1990s t-shirts; think Big Willies Shake Shack summer 1990. 

All those 90s era t-shirts are in here too, grey label Nike, OG Polo Ralph Lauren, spellout Tommy Hilfiger. You name it. 

Vintage clothing styles / categories: this is a wide ranging category for styles, we will try label a few of the best.  Rock a band t-shirt, try a unique print from Nascar & Harley Davidson, or just find a low key basic from Carhartt or Ralph Lauren. Along with all the big logo brand t-shirts from Nike & similar.

Fits & how to wear: Oversized. All the cotton 90s t-shirts will be boxy & big. The more modern 2000s t-shirts and the very old t-shirts from 80s & 70s will fit slim.

Eras: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

Countries of origin: USA, UK & Europe.


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