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Bright colours and bold patterns, the Sergio Tacchnii style promotes a vibrant street aesthetic. Largely, our Tacchini collection consists of 1990s sportswear, including vintage tracksuits and vintage t-shirts and tops to add to your own athleisure range. Take a look at Europe’s favourite online vintage clothing store.


A bit of history… Created by the former tennis player, Sergio Tacchini began designing sportswear in 1966 upon founding Sandys S.p.A., later taking his own name. Wanting to experiment with the materials and colours of tennis uniforms, following his own sporting career, Tacchini aimed to create a vibrant and stylish look for the court, fusing sport with fashion. Expanding throughout the years to include ski wear, Formula 1 gear and sailing apparel, Tacchini clothing took off, releasing the famed ‘Dallas’ tracksuit in the 80s as one of its most pinnacle moments. Opening its first store in Turin, Italy in 1991, the brand swiftly expanded to keep 200 stores in Europe, allowing trends to spread easily and quickly.


Throughout the 80s, Tacchini expanded their sponsorships to include promotions with racing driver Ayrton Senna and skier Marc Girardelli as well as sponsoring the 1983 Italian basketball team in the European Cup. Moreover, famously featuring in The Business, with Danny Dyer and Tamar Hassan, Sergio Tacchini is a brand that showcases retro style beyond the tennis court.


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