Vintage Women's Nautica

Vintage Women's Nautica



Traditional colours and big spell out logos, Nautica is a classic brand that offers an enviable vintage look. Our Nautica collection at Thrifted consists of largely vintage t-shirts and sweatshirts, but also has a wide-ranging assortment of outerwear from puffer jackets to windbreakers. Add to your wardrobe today at Europe’s favourite online vintage clothing store.


A bit of history… This nautical brand was founded in 1983, and supplies both apparel and lifestyle produce, including wash bags and bedding. Created by David Chu, a Taiwanese immigrant, Nautica takes its name from the Latin ‘nauticus’, meaning ‘ship’, from which words including ‘nautical’ and ‘nautica’ (Italian, meaning ‘seamanship’) are derived. Influenced by Chu’s early work on men’s coats in New York, designed to look like sailor’s coats, the brand became an advocate of seafaring and adopted its spinnaker logo. Bright primary colours and yacht themed graphics featured heavily in Nautica ranges, embraced by hip-hop artists in the 1990s, often worn oversized and paired with a puffer jacket or a windbreaker. As many consider it, Nautica was the little brother company of the bigger casual brans, including Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.


The Nautica jacket was one of the hottest items in the 90s; with its bold colours and block patterns, your purchase wouldn’t go amiss. Nautica garments satisfied the material need of consumers, offering large graphics, reversable elements and all-over-prints, particularly appealing to R&B artists.


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What are they known for: Vintage ¼ zips, vintage t-shirts, vintage sweatshirts, vintage staples, vintage jackets.


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