Vintage Women's Shorts

Vintage Women's Shorts

Vintage women’s shorts – shop the Thrifted selection of vintage denim, chino, sport & hot pant shorts.

Get ready for summer with a selection of vintage shorts. A good array of different vintage styles available. We try our best to source great vintage Levi’s denim shorts in those rare smaller sizes. 

Top brands: Levi’s, Lee, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike & Champion.

Vintage clothing styles / categories: vintage denim shorts, vintage sport shorts, vintage short shorts, vintage chino shorts and for the fashion forward vintage ¾ lengths !

Fits & how to wear: that 2 weeks of decent summer in Northern Europe…. Lucky you if you live in Italy or Florida – wear these all year long!

Eras: 1980s, 1990s & 2000s.

Countries of origin: USA & Europe.


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