Vintage Hawaiian Shirts

Vintage Hawaiian Shirts

Vintage Hawaiian Shirts – the west coast USA summer classic.

Shop our vintage selection of Hawaiian pattern shirts. You will find a mix of eras & origins. From great brands like Tommy Bahama, and even some ‘Made In Hawaii / Honolulu’ shirts. Loud & low key all in the collection.

Top Brands: Tommy Bahama, L.L. Bean, J.C. Penney, Kahala.

Vintage clothing styles / categories: if you are looking for quality it’s Made In Hawaii, if you just want a summer throw on shirt then the more modern Hawaiians will suit.

Fits & how to wear: At the beach!

Eras: 1980s, 1990s.

Countries of origin: USA, Hawaii & Europe.

Pro tip: Vintage Hawaiians have a simple straight cut hem as they are meant to be worn outside the trousers. Buttonholes are generally horizontal.


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