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Our Versace collection is one of our most distinctive ones, consisting of high-quality, designer items in both more neutral tones, but also the typically extravagant designs. Offering a stylish and sophisticated vintage look, Versace has remained iconic for decades. Take a look at Europe’s favourite online vintage clothing store.


A bit of history… The son of a village seamstress, Gianni Versace began his career assisting his mother in her workshop, fashioning dresses for local women. Pursuing fashion design as an occupation, Versace moved to Milan to design for various brands before establishing his own label in 1978. Known as the ‘Rock n’ Roll designer’, Versace’s collections featured larger than life patterns and vibrant colours adorning provocative cuts and innovative designs, highlighting the company as a unique brand amongst the traditionally chic Italian designs. The Medusa head perfectly illustrates the extravagance of Versace’s designs, often in gold, the logo highlighted how he aimed to transfix people forever with his clothing and indeed his own personality.


One of the few designers that oversaw all the functions of his brand, Versace’s marketing campaigns were inspired. The first to advertise his clothes on famous figures, a pioneer for the supermodel age and a designer for figures from Elton John to Diana, Princess of Wales, there appeared little the man could not do. His murder was hugely shocking and crowds, local and famous, flocked from all over the world to pay their respects.


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What are they known for: Vintage statement designer, vintage high end, vintage Italian design, vintage luxury.


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