Vintage Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Vintage Sweatshirts & Hoodies

A selection of vintage sweatshirts, hoodies and quarter zips from the best 80s & 90s brands: Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, Ralph Lauren, Fila, Nike and more. 

There are many original styles in this vintage selection. Common 90s designs include: crewneck sweatshirts, collared crewnecks, henley style tops, full zip ups, quarter button sweatshirts, quarter zip sweatshirts. 

You will find a lot of the big 90s brands here - Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, Ralph  Lauren, Nike (a lot of grey label), Adidas, Fila, Carhartt, Moschino, Best Company etc. 

Quality? No fast fashion quality here... all the original 90s brands made fantastic quality clothing - if you compare these sweatshirts to the modern day ones you can clearly see how well these vintage items were made. Fantastic stitching, heavy cotton, logos neatly made and often embroidered. Look up 'reverse weave Champion' - known for its unique stitching style. 

Fit? As a general rule vintage sweatshirts fit a little baggier than there modern counterpart. The 90s fit is an oversized fit, whereas the 80s fit is a retro style often winged under the arms. 

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