Vintage Women's Designer Shirts & Blouses

Vintage Women's Designer Shirts & Blouses

Vintage designer shirts & blouses – shop authentic original vintage designer women’s shirts and blouses from the top labels.

We source the highest quality vintage women’s designer wear. With years of vintage experience, our team are well versed in authenticating vintage designer brands. Our women’s vintage designer shirts & blouses are no exception.

 Top brands: Burberry, Roberto Cavalli, Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace & Gucci.

Vintage clothing styles / categories: smarter full button shirts, more relaxed blouses or go for quality with a silk shirt.

Fits & how to wear: dress down, dress up – there are plenty of options here.

Eras: 1980s, 1990s & 2000s.

Countries of origin: UK & Europe.


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