Our collection of men’s vintage Adidas is a range of 1970s - 1990s retro sportswear apparel. We often have a selection of vintage sweatshirts, vintage tracksuits, vintage jackets, vintage t-shirts and retro football shirts. With many other categories in this collection as well that Adidas is famous for, with unique secondhand styles from each decade. All available here from Europe’s favourite online vintage clothing store.

A bit of history... Adidas was founded in 1900 in Germany by Herr Adi Dassler, in little over 100 years it has become the sportswear powerhouse we know today; offering a wide range of different clothing, from fashion focused clothing to high performance athletic wear. Let’s discuss some key moments from their history. The 1960s saw the release of the iconic three stripe tracksuit we know and love today. The 1970s came with new Adidas logos with the brand’s latest clothing released with that famous Adidas Trefoil logo representing Adidas Originals collections. 1980s? The brand collaborated more and more with celebrity figures such as the Adidas x Run DMC collection, showing a shift towards fashion clothing & the championing of subcultures. The start of the 1990s brought a new era for Adidas as the Dassler reign ended, new ownership came with innovative ideas and a strategy focused on getting to the top in the new & competitive athleisure wear landscape we have today.

Adidas has been picked up by many different subcultures and celebrities over the years. It’s collaborations with Tennis star’s such as Stan Smith and Rod Laver created iconic footwear still relevant today.  The 1980s & 1990s football casual scene combined the brand’s iconic casual footwear – Gazelles, Sambas, with high end designer wear. You can still see the likes of Liam & Noel Gallagher pushing the football casual / Britpop style.

When buying vintage Adidas, you are buying a vintage brand of quality and with a history. The collection offers those iconic vintage styles you won’t find on the high street.

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