Men's Vintage Football Shirts & Retro Sports Shirts

Men's Vintage Football Shirts & Retro Sports Shirts

Shop our range of original men's vintage and retro football shirts, our selection of American vintage NFL, NBA, NHL, MBL sports shirts and tops. As well as a selection of the best college wear you will find on the net. 

What team's and era's do you get in? 

We have a wide range of era's we get in everything from 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and the early 00's. Some real rare pieces are in there. Team's ? Of course all the fan favourites like Chelsea, Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Dortmund and more. National teams like England, France, Germany, Spain, USA, Netherlands to name a few. 

American sports include a huge variety of old school jerseys, basketball vests, hockey tops and more. Lot's of authentic vintage teams. We get a lot of ex-champions through as well. 

Are these all authentic? 

Yes! Unless otherwise stated - we do have cheaper 'replica' shirts available, if you are looking for something to actually play football in rather than frame!

What are the rarest items you have had through? 

Oh jeez - we've had strips from countries that don't even exist anymore. The Soviet Union 1989 shirt (the last year the country even existed) was pretty unbelievable).