It's no secret that the last two-years have been as gloomy as our lockdown fits. However,  the run up to this year’s Spring and Summer recurring style trend is enough to lift anybody’s mood! Swapping out those gloomy outerwear pieces for vivid staples -  dopamine dressing is the latest fashion craze taking over the Spring/Summer season. But what exactly is this new fashion craze and how can we start rocking the bold look?

Figure 1 - Dopamine Dressing, Jacquemus AW21

Figure 1 - Dopamine Dressing, Jacquemus AW21


The vibrant trend may feel daunting if colour isn’t necessarily your thing. But with emerging fashion trends comes plenty of styling influences. Outfits seen to channel dopamine dressing have been showcased throughout the media and emerging spring/summer catwalk shows. 


The latest Milan Fashion Week presented both bold and eccentric colour ways and silhouettes throughout February’s week of high-fashion looks. One designer seen to stand out for their take on this Summer’s mood-boosting trend was Versace - using intense, deep reds to create a full-dopamine rush for their fashion show viewers and models alike. Versace showcased its influence of electrifying, colour-blocking staples as its models graced the runway. Y2K clothing-inspired and iconic high-fashion model, Bella Hadid, sported a deep-red fit as she graced the catwalk. From the structured, corset boning, latex leggings and maroon toning - Versace’s take on this Summer’s colour-blocking trend is one to watch.


Figure 2 - Bella Hadid modelling for Versace’s Milan Fashion Week Show 2022 (Bella Hadid via Instagram)

Figure 2 - Bella Hadid modelling for Versace’s Milan Fashion Week Show 2022 (Bella Hadid via Instagram)


Other prominent digital stars and fashion icons in their own right have been recently shown to channel the vivid, dopamine look. Manchester-based model and social influencer, Nathan (better known as Curlyfrysfeed online) acquired a day-to-day take on the reemerging mood-boosting trend.


Figure 3 - CurlyFrysFeed (via Instagram)

Figure 3 - CurlyFrysFeed (via Instagram)


Letting the vibrant yellow, two-piece suit be the main element of his daytime fit, he goes on to pair the stand-out pieces with a subtle white tee, pastel shoe-lace belt and Y2K inspired, pearl necklace. 


Much like Curlyfrysfeed incorporating key staples of dopamine dressing with Y2K inspired accessories, it should be acknowledged how the fondness for Y2K fashion has played a part for the current love of bold dopamine dressing. Dopamine dressing and its popularised bold and vibrant colourways line up well with a number of Spring/Summer that have become personalised on both Tiktok and Instagram.


Figure 4 - TikTok Dopamine Dressing Look (glitterbuggin via TikTok)

Figure 4 - TikTok Dopamine Dressing Look (glitterbuggin via TikTok)


The use of playful prints and colourful fabrics being seen as important features of both the Y2K and dopamine fashion fads. Leading retailers such as ASOS and Urban Outfitters and designer catwalk shows are shown to implement bright shades, ‘kid-core’ jewellery pieces and intense patchwork and patterns to suit the sought after dopamine dressing look. With top retailers hitting the mark for heavy colour and patterns allows for accessible wardrobe staples to easily own the trend without breaking the bank.


Figure 5 - Y2K Inspire Dopamine Looks (Vogue Business)Figure 5 - Y2K Inspired Dopamine Looks (Vogue Business) 


While the idea of dressing in bold, stand-out colours may be daunting at first, Dopamine dressing is a trend to make you feel you’re best. So have fun with it.


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Written By Vanessa Smith