Thrifted Festival Competition May 2019


Here is all the info you need about our first big FESTIVAL Competition 2019! Taking place on our socials for the first three weeks of May 😀 .


 Festival Clothing & Ticket Competition


Prizes :


             1st Prize: 2 x FESTIVAL TICKETS OF YOUR CHOICE


             2nd Prize: £50 STORE VOUCHER


            3rd Prize: 2 x Sunglasses



How to enter :


Go to our Facebook or Instagram page and find our big FESTIVAL COMPETITION Post.


Instagram Rules:


  1. Follow @thrifted_com


  1. Tag your friend you wanna take !


  1. Like this post!


Supercharge your post?


  1. Share our competition post to your Instagram Story !


Facebook Rules:


  1. Like our page @thriftedltd


  1. Tag your friend in the comments section!


  1. Like this post!


Supercharge your post?


  1. Share our competition post !





Start date: 1st May 2019


End date: 22nd May 2019






How many times can I enter?


  • You can tag as many friends as you like! Each new tag counts as a new entry, but remember you MUST BOTH follow or like our page, and MUST BOTH like the original post.


What does supercharging mean?


  • If you share our post either to your story on Instagram or feed on Facebook, you will be entered into a second pool of entries and increase your chance of winning!


T&C’s are so borin’ – tell me what’s important!


  • Tickets are awarded up to a value of £150 each or £300 for the pair, you can choose more expensive tickets but will be expected to pay the difference! You cannot sell the tickets! You must abide by the festival’s T&C’s!


I wanna go to Glastonbury!


  • Uh oh – this ain’t gonna work, Glasto tickets are like gold dust. We cannot provide tickets for sold out events, or events that require individual applications.


Do I need to take pictures whilst I am there for Thrifted ?


  • Yes! We love seeing our winners having a good time! Please tag any relevant posts and definitely send us a few appropriate pic’s from the weekend so we can repost!


Do I have to be 18 to enter?


  • You must be 15 or over to enter. You must be of the required age for the festival of choice. That festival’s terms and conditions regarding age must be followed, for example if a parental guardian is required then that must be followed.


How do I know if I have won?


  • Winner will be announced on our socials on the 22nd , Winner will need to message us for details!


What happens next if I win?


  • Winner should message us for details, they will be asked to provide their festival of choice. Thrifted Ltd will then organise a pair of tickets for the chosen festival, according to the T&C’s.



What if the festival I want to go to is sold out?


  • We will try our best to get you the tickets you want, but if it’s sold out its sold out! We will only purchase from official sellers of the tickets of choice. No resale, no dodgy Gumtree, no touts!



Terms & Conditions:


  • Winner must choose a festival for which Thrifted Ltd will provide 2 tickets for, this must be done in writing by the latest 31st May 2019.


  • Tickets are awarded up to a maximum value of £150 per ticket, or £300 for the pair of tickets.


  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.


  • If the festival of choice’s ticket price is over the maximum awarded value as above, the winner may choose to pay the difference between the awarded value & the ticket price listed on the official festival of choice’s website or partner site. This will be done via a bank or paypal transfer to Thrifted LTD.


  • Winner may be required to choose a second choice festival, if Thrifted cannot for whatever reason provide tickets to the winner’s first choice.


  • Thrifted Ltd will not purchase tickets from anywhere other than the official festival website or its chosen partners.


  • Winner is required to provide a festival choice from their own country.


  • You must be 15 or over to enter the competition. If the festival of choice requires you to be 18 for entry, Thrifted will not be able to purchase those tickets.


  • Thrifted LTD will follow ALL terms and conditions set out by the festival of choice.


  • You may be asked for proof of ID and age. Refusal will result in your winning entry being voided.


  • Thrifted LTD cannot provide tickets for sold out events.


  • Thrifted LTD and its staff reserves the right to void ANY winning or non-winning entry, and in fact reserves the right to void ALL entries if it is required.