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The Star Signs as Vintage Designers

Posted on September 21 2020

The Star Signs as Vintage Designers

By Laura Copley

Need some new garms for Autumn but have no idea where to start? Not sure how to dress to reflect the ~real~ you? Do you know when your birthday is? If you’ve answered yes to at least one of these questions then you are in the right place, friend! Peep below to see which designer just gets you.


Aquarius - Versace

You need a statement piece, because you are as unique as you think you are, little Aquarius. You take pride in how you dress, and you dress to impress. You’ll bat off compliments with a nonchalant flick of the wrist, but your eyes will be saying “go on”. That’s why you and Versace are a match made in heaven - you have the wit of Donatella and nerve to go bold, bold, bold all while pulling it off.




Pisces - Armani


You’re about looking good, but you don’t have to cause a scene for it. Your downfall is that sometimes you’ll let what other people think get to you, but if you know you’re dressed fly then what does it matter! Like Armani, your look is sharp, classy yet reserved, and your connection to creativity means you aren’t afraid of colours and patterns. Swim to your own current little fishy!



Aries - Moschino


I once heard someone say “there’s no such thing as an ugly Aries” and yes they were an Aries. Your ego rises above the rest, mon petite bélier, so of course you need an iconic designer to reach those same heights in the fashion department. Your proud and chaotic energy matches that of Mr Moschino’s early designs: sharp edges, risqué cuts and clashing colours. Burnt bright or burn out, right?



Taurus - Stone Island


The chillest all of star signs deserves the chillest of all brands. While you appreciate fashion, you’re on more of a comfort vibe, yet no one pulls of style and comfort better than you, Taurus. Your vibe is to look effortless and expensive, and having Stone Island’s iconic logo branded on your arm will sort that right out for you.


Gemini - Prada


The devil wears Prada and that’s you bitch! Oh, but doesn’t it look good on both your faces. You’re a boss, and it is absolutely necessary to look your best whilst getting yourself mixed up in everyone else’s business. Prada understands that you have two completely different personalities to dress for - you’re classic yet forward thinking, you’re on trend but you’re timeless. You’re my beautiful dark twisted fantasy!


Cancer - Moncler


When it comes down to it you precious crabs just want to be loved, so what better than to wrap yourself up in an iconic Moncler puffer and feel its warmth? They are soft, squishy and comforting just like you are. Moncler has long been a household name and over the years has earned the people’s trust and respect, and that is defo a bit of you.



Leo - Yves Saint Laurent


I mean it just makes sense, right? The iconic Yves Saint Laurent has made its way to the top of the fashion food chain thanks to a clear sense of direction, an abundance of confidence and sleek style... and the same goes to you, you sexy lion. You were made for power suits and power moves. You are Leo, hear you roar!



Virgo - Burberry


Virgo, you seem to have it all together on the outside, but under the surface lies your salaciousness and intensity. Burberry is perfect for you - they are the kings and queens of making neutral tones look good and that is what you need to be about, while their iconic patterns run parallel to your spicy side.



Libra - Valentino

You are all about the finer things in life, dear Libra, and what is finer than Valentino? Your flare for the dramatics is equal to your need for stability, and as one of the longest running fashion houses with some of the most breathtaking designs, this partnership is simply a match made in haute couture heaven.



Scorpio - Vivienne Westwood


You have a sting in your tail, much like our queen Miss Viv. The haus of Westwood is all about being bold, unapologetic and loud, and god knows that you are too. You don’t want to command the room but it simply ends up that way - you can pair sexy and sweet together, just like any Vivienne Westwood piece. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility!


Sagittarius - Dolce & Gabbana

No one can hold you back from doing what you want, much like how D&G can’t hold their tongues when it comes to fashion world drama! Your floaty, happy-go-lucky attitude and demeanour is truly a breath of fresh air for whoever is around you, and paired with D&G’s enigmatic style you could be unstoppable, sweet Sag, but in all the right ways!



Capricorn - Cavalli

Trusty Capricorn. The most reliable and loveable of all the signs, you are the friend everyone needs. Cavalli is the Cap of the fashion world: a brand that usually takes a backseat to loud and in-your-face fashion houses, but the attention to detail in each piece is timeless and second to none. Next time you are beating yourself up for whatever reason, remember that the tortoise always wins the race, and does it in Cavalli :)




Written by Laura Copley

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