There have been some incredible new music releases in the past few weeks, from high-profile artists to up-and-comers. We here at Fresh Faced Vintage have curated the best of the best to bring you this month’s amazing seven songs.


1. "From the Dining Table" by Harry Styles


Harry Styles via Genius


 Everybody’s been obsessed with Harry Styles’s self-titled album since it’s May 12th release. But our favorite song off the album is the melancholy “From the Dining Table.” The song’s heartache-laden lyrics build into gorgeous instrumentals and harmonies, and then relax again into simple acoustic guitar and Harry’s voice. This is by far the most mature work he’s ever attempted.



2. "Language" by Paperboy Fable and Brent Faiyaz



"Language" via Blackaphillyated



 If you’ve been craving Frank Ocean vibes since Blonde’s release, you need to hear “Language.” Producer Paperboy Fable and longtime friend Brent Faiyaz are here to fill the void Frank left behind. This breakup song mixes classic soul sounds with a modern beat and unexpected instrumentals, and the lyrics are guaranteed medicine for the heartbroken. “Language” is just what the doctor ordered.




3. "Cheap Pop" by The Social Club


 The Social Club via Bandcamp


Hey, fans of the 1975 and Two Door Cinema Club- we’ve got your next musical obsession lined up. This slick song has great guitar licks and a catchy chorus. It goes down just as smoothly at a party as it does through your headphones.




4. "Moonshine Freeze" by This Is The Kit


Kate Stables via The Independent


 Kate Stables’s band This Is The Kit are back with a new song called “Moonshine Freeze.” Kate Stables’s Joni Mitchell-y voice meets lyrics with a serious 60s vibe. Topped off with brass and woodwinds at the end, this is one of the most unique songs you’ll hear this month.





5. "Coulda Been" by Lupe Fiasco


Lupe Fiasco via LeRockBox


In “Coulda Been,” one of the best rappers working today imagines what he might’ve been had he not been a rapper. With his usual finesse and sharp consciousness of social justice, Lupe Fiasco will have you hanging on his every word in this great song.





6. "Keep On Searching" by S.P.Y


S.P.Y via Mixing.Dj


S.P.Y is a London-based DJ you might recognize from his work on The Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1. He’s just come out with a new EP, and we’re in love with the relentless beat of “Keep on Searching.”




7. "Fog" by Overcoats


Overcoats via


This glitch-y, gloomy song from Overcoats combines pulsing bass with grimly introspective lyrics. You can grind to it, or stare moodily out the window to it. We’d be sold based solely on its darkly sexy vibe, but when you really listen, the lyrics about a crumbling relationship hit you where it hurts. A must-listen.




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