Vintage sweatshirts are super versatile and complement a multitude of styles and outfits. In short: everyone should own one (or ten…). However, how do you decide which is the look for you? Some of our favourite influencer looks might just give you the inspiration you need.


Cropped, oversized or tucked in, this handful of fashionistas are some of the many Instagrammers that have found unique ways to style the iconic vintage sweatshirt. While it may currently be a sturdy part of your Coronavirus loungewear set, summer is coming soon, and this timeless item is itching to leave the house. With this in mind, scroll through some of our favourite looks, put on your Summer 2021 playlist and start experimenting with your favourite pieces.


  1. @modestmira_

  Vintage Sweatshirt Inspo

We have so much time for this look, styled by @modestmira_. Brilliantly layering up, we love how the roll neck and oversized shirt fit around her neck, giving the vintage sweatshirt a trendy framing. With the added gold necklaces, having a busy collar is really in vogue and will certainly be a feature that maintains its popularity throughout the 2021 summer.  


Moreover, the cuffed boyfriend jeans and bright yellow converse offer up a relaxed aesthetic that brings out the colour in the sweatshirt’s detail and adds to the loose-fitting style that it promotes. Baggy jeans have made a real comeback after the y2k and 2010s skinny jeans mania. Harking back to looks from the 70s, 80s and 90s, we are all for this revival.







  1. @fiddyrhett

Vintage Mens Sweatshirt

@fiddyrhett is a big fan of the vintage sweatshirt and has a considerable collection, as seen here in a trio of wicked Adidas pieces. With their varied colours and designs, we love how the sweatshirt is the feature item in his outfits, paired with earthier shades and more modest components.


Cargo trousers are catching our eye this season. With multiple pockets, a loose fit and neutral palette, the worker-aesthetic brilliantly balances the louder sweatshirts that feature spellout logos and graphic designs. Added to this, the right accessories bring out a real vintage feel. We noticed how @fiddyrhett’s rings, dog-tag and vintage Polo Ralph Lauren cord cap work to boost the whole outfit, giving it some sharp finishing touches.




  1. @emmachamberlain

Vintage Sweatshirts for Women


Channelling Cher Horowitz or a sucker for TikTok trends? Either way, @emmachamberlain’s vintage designer sweatshirt offers a preppy look that has become a style frontrunner in the last year. Paired with a tennis skirt, the Fendi sweatshirt hangs over the pleats in an effortless way. Keeping the colours very ‘schoolgirl’, the white and navy bolster the outfit’s clean-cut style and topped with a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses, its ready to go.

Yet, what gives this look a bit of punch is the chunky black Dr. Martens. While keeping with the preppy look, paired with pulled up white socks, the punk shoes inject the overall finish with a little pazazz.






  1. @lookingforlewys


Vintage Mens Sweatshirt 

Keeping it very neutral, the colour coordination in @lookingforlewys’ outfit is second to none. Picking a minimalistic white sweatshirt, he works around it, using it as a base upon which to build up the colour and patterns. Picking some louder trousers and finishing the look with a slick pair of matching trainers, we love how the pieces fit together in a balance that inverts that achieved by @fiddyrhett.


The Carhartt jacket really stands out in this ensemble. Not only does it complement the aesthetic, but it brilliantly frames the sweatshirt with its bulkier fit. The worker jacket is an unparalleled piece that accommodates all looks and seasons; it is a staple in any wardrobe. A legendary pairing, the worker jacket suits all sweatshirts, be them simple, bold, baggy or fitted, and we highly recommend you try it.



 5. @alexasunshine83

Vintage Graphic Sweatshirt

Clearly a die-hard Disney fan, @alexasunshine83 loves her bright vintage sweatshirts with their graphic designs. This girl’s vibrant outfits really do channel the sunshine and have an obvious vintage aesthetic with their retro accessories and denim finish.

Unlike our aforementioned influencers, @alexasunshine is an advocate of the tucked in vintage sweatshirt. Holding it with a belt, she brings the sweatshirt in at the waist to highlight both her shape and the oversized style of the body and sleeves. Achieving a very 80s / 90s style, if this appeals to you, check out our graphic sweatshirts and vintage jeans!






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