If you've got some items lying around your house that you don’t use anymore, Depop is a great way to get rid of them whilst making money. Much better than throwing away your clothes into landfill, as they are able to get a new life. It may seem confusing to get started but we've created this quick guide on how to sell clothes on Depop.

First things firs: Depop automatically charges a 10% fee on the sale price. This will be taken from whatever account you have connected to Depop.


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Listing a Product

Firstly to start listing on Depop you need to set up an account. You can do this by either going through the app or website. You’ll need to pop your phone number in and you'll be sent a code. Then fill out any details needed and you are done.
You will also need to link your PayPal account to Depop. Click on the profile icon at the bottom right of your screen. Then click on the setting icon, PayPal account and now connect PayPal. Finally Log into your PayPal account. You can now get paid when any of your items sell.

There are two ways to list your item, either through the app or through the website. I will be going through both, so let’s get started!

Depop App

1) On the app - click the camera icon at the bottom of the home screen. Then you need to tap ‘set up your shop’.

2) Next add a photo that represents your brand/you.

Then you write a bio about what you will sell and a brief intro to you and your shop

4) You will next need to link your social media accounts.


5) Put in your first and last name, billing address.

6) Now click on list your first item

7) Tap on the camera icon once again.

8) Add four images showing the product and I recommend also adding a video to show the product a lot better.

9) Now add a description of the product and make sure you add if there are any defaults.

10) Add your hashtags, location, the relevant category, shipping info and the price of the product


Once you add all this, click on the post listing and that’s it - you're ready to start selling all your preloved clothes on Depop! 



Depop Website

1) First you need to log onto your Depop Account through their website.

2) Once logged on, you need to click onto the top right side of the screen where it says sell

3) Then add your photos and I recommend adding a video once again as this helps buyers to see exactly what the products like.

4) Add your description, price and any other details needed to sell the item.
Now you can click ‘post listing' and you're done!


Depop Ad in Shoreditch


Tips and Tricks to Sell on Depop

Here are some tips and tricks to get the best sales on Depop:

  •  Get good pictures! The better the picture the more likely you are to sell your items.
  • Think about the time of year you are putting your items up. If you put a knitted jumper up in the middle of summer, you are unlikely to sell it compared to putting a bikini up.
  • Make sure you put the item at the correct pricing. If you were to put a top from H&M up for £60 and you bought it for £15 then it is VERY unlikely someone will buy that as it is not worth that price.
  • Free Shipping! No one likes to pay for delivery.
  • Make sure you use key words at the start of the description. This means it will pop up if you use the relevant words.
  • No creased clothes! This can look messy and unclean when taking pictures, so make sure all your clothes are ironed and laid out flat.
  • Try different ways of taking pictures. Some ways you can take pictures are doing a flat lay, maybe hanging up the clothing or even getting someone to model it or even you. This helps people see the items more accurately!

Here are a few examples of pictures taken on Depop:

In this this example the dress is creased with only one product shot plus it's also blurry.

This seller has a better example. They have three pictures which are good quality (not blurry with good lighting). The product is shown on a model - which helps buyers visualise outfits PLUS front and back angles and a hanger shot. 

This may still be confusing getting used to Depop but once you get the hang of it, it's easy! It's how Thrifted started off as a business!

Follow all these steps and tips and tricks, you will be well away on your Depop journey. You are now part of the circular fashion cycle!