After recovering from the pandemic and events are finally going ahead again, there's one that always draws masses of attention - especially in the summer. Vintage kilo sales! An event where vintage enthusiasts search from rail to rail to fulfil their current aesthetic, and the appeal? All items are priced per kilo!

Have you ever been to a Kilo sale?

For many years they have been the secret to finding massive amounts of vintage clothes and being able to buy them cheaper by the kilo. These events give you the ability to buy more for less and only pay by Kilo. 

Many people say that these sales are where they have found some of their best vintage clothing gems.


How they work?

Each piece at a Kilo sale is hand-picked and so when you walk in you will see endless rails of all different varieties of vintage clothing. From vintage tees, sweatshirts, y2k tops, skirts, leather jackets, jeans and so much more! Eventbrite is usually the go-to for the biggest kilo sales in the UK.


Our tip: Get there early - these events fill up quickly and a queue normally always happens so plan ahead so get there early if you can.

Then when you pay for your bag, they will weigh it and all you need to pay is the price per kilo not per individual item. Most Kilo sales will say £15-25 per Kilo.

Fig. 1 Vintage Kilo Sale in Bristol



Is the Kilo Sale Better Than A Haul - Is It Really Sustainable?

The Kilo sale is a great way to find new and individual pieces for your wardrobe.  Rarely are there two pieces alike.

We know that Edge reported that the clothing and textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world. With 15% ending up going to landfill and up to 95% of household textiles are being sent to landfill each year.

With all of that said, the easiest way to shop for clothes more sustainably is to buy second-hand and vintage. Kilo Sales are perfect for people who aren't really sure on what second-hand clothing really has to offer. This is because of the mass variety at these events, plus the kilo pricing system also means that each item is actually at a cheaper cost.


But is the Kilo Sale Better Than a Haul, From The Likes of Shein or Primark? 

Our answer, undoubtedly yes, it is far more sustainable. By buying a quantity of vintage and second hand clothes which are unique and otherwise would go to landfill - it is much more sustainable than a haul from any of the fast fashion giants.

We believe that fashion should always be sustainable and fun, and a Kilo sale is a great way to encourage a circular approach. Also, as much as it is a retail event, it is also very social with people coming in from different towns to shop.

Like any sale, there is always something good to be found. So if there is an item you like we would suggest you find it and put it in your bag asap. 

Our top items to find at a Kilo sale would be any kind of jackets, corduroy items, jeans, etc. This is because these items normally come at a large cost to the environment because of their manufacturing processes. But can often be pricier too.

Fig. 2 Vintage Kilo Sale in Glasgow


The Influx of Kilo Sales and Why They’re So Popular

Ever since 2017, there has been an increase in Kilo sales up and down the country. The best way to find one is via Google, Eventbrite or Facebook or your local vintage shop. You can also find ways to purchase early access tickets from these platforms too.

They are so popular because not only does it make buying clothes more affordable but it is obviously more sustainable too. By buying by the Kilo it negates the need to buy new clothing, especially if you go with specific items in mind.


Will you be visiting a kilo sale this summer?


By Imogen Green