Making their first appearance as battle attire by soldiers in the British Armed Forces in 1938, Cargo pants have circulated and made their way to the 21st century. Known for being loose-fitted and all rounded durability for everyday use, they are an essential piece in your 2023 wardrobe. 

Whether you’re going for a casual day out with your friends, or need to make a last minute fashion statement for a night out, there are many ways to pair them to give your outfit that last touch!


1) Since Y2K has made a comeback for the past few years, as seen on the Paris runway for Spring Summer 2023, Coperni showcased a casual look wearing low-waisted cargo pants paired with a fitted Y2K striped waistcoat. This look is great for when the weather will hopefully warm up as we go further into the year. Adding to this fit can be a pair of cute platform sandals and gold jewellery pieces, as well as a pair of coloured lens wrap round sunnies


2) Another style which has popped up here and there, is futuristic inspired techwear. Cargos are a necessity in techwear style and play a part in the urban streetwear look. Elasticated at the ankle cargos can be paired with a matching cyberpunk jacket layered with neutral coloured t-shirts or long sleeved tops. A big sling cross body bag and bucket hat would add the finishing touches.


3) Another trend for 2023/24 is knitwear. Knitwear is an easy and a comfortable style to match with cargos. Knitted tops can be cropped, shoulderless, oversized, long/short sleeved, cardigans whilst the cargos can be both low and high waisted. Add in a minimalist shoulder bag and a pair of converse for a maximum, comfy, effortless look!

cargo and open knit outfit


4) Another fit would be a sports long sleeved, fitted top with grey/black/white shades and neutral coloured cargos with minimal jewellery is definitely a minimal gorp core aesthetic. The tight fitting top perfectly compliments the baggy look from the pants giving it that finished vintage look.


cargo and crop top outfit


5) Colour coordination never fails to impress and will always be a safe, yet, stylish option. Although cargos out there are predominately of the neutral palette, brighter hues add character and a louder look. If you’re one who struggles often with which pieces to wear with what and whether they go together or not, finding the same or similar shade, even if it’s just a small accessory, is the best choice to go for.


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Written by Elise Tse