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One of our most popular brands, Thrifted’s Tommy Hilfiger range is a hugely varied one, featuring items from vintage jumpers and sweatshirts to vintage shirts and jackets in a variety of colours and styles, most notably, however, the classic red, white and blue. Often displaying the recognisable block colour logo, Tommy Hilfiger items have a traditional style and pair well with other classically preppy brands as well as suppliers of denim, sportswear and worker gear. Add to your wardrobe today at Europe’s favourite online vintage clothing store.


A bit of history… Founded in 1985 by Tommy Hilfiger himself, the American clothing company is one of the most sought after brands in the fashion industry, with people from all walks of life sporting the red, white and blue colour scheme. With his career beginning at the opening of his New York Store, ‘People’s Place’, Hilfiger started up with $150 and a small shop in 1968. Pursuing fashion design in the late 70s, Hilfiger sought support from Mohan Murjani, assisting him release his first men’s collection in 1985 which offered a typically preppy style. As indicated by a large Times Square billboard, Tommy Hilfiger had arrived. Leaving Murjani to officially go solo with his range, the Tommy Hilfiger Coporation went public in 1992 and swiftly began designing a women’s collection. Throughout the 90s, Hilfiger released bedwear, bath accessories and perfume amongst his other lines, developing the much-loved brand.


Hilfiger has never been short of celebrity endorsement, notably being worn by Snoop Dogg and Destiny’s Child and sponsoring Britney’s ‘…Baby One More Time Tour’ as well as collaborating with Gigi Hadid. Most famously, the 1996 Aaliyah commercial featured an overload of colour surrounding the famous hip-hop artist. Her association with the brand revolutionised its reputation, emphasising its venture into R&B culture as well as its classically tradition aesthetic.


Add the classic colour combination to your wardrobe with Thrifted.com today.


What are they known for: Vintage sweatshirts, vintage t-shirts, vintage jackets, vintage rugby shirts, vintage hoodies.


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